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Borneo Red Eye Puffer

Borneo Redeye Puffer
Male Borneo Redeye Puffer
Photo © Sean Evans

Common name:Borneo / Bornean Red Eye Puffer, Red Bellied Black Puffer
Scientific name:Carinotetraodon borneensis
Origin:Southeast Asia: Borneo
Size:Up to approx 5cm (2in).
Recommended tank size:60 x 30cm (24 x 12in).
Tank setup:A pair can be kept in a species tank as long as some cover is provided as a retreat. They can also be mixed with selected companions, as long as more delicate, slow-swimming fish are avoided. Provide plants, bogwood and/or rocks for cover.
Compatibility:Territorial with their own kind.
Temperature:22-28oC (72-82oF)
Water chemistry:A freshwater species. pH around neutral, soft to fairly hard.
Feeding:Live and frozen meaty foods: bloodworm and brine shrimp, cockles, mussel and prawn, snails.
Sexing:Sexual dimorphism is not as obvious as similar species, but females have a more broken pattern with brownish-grey markings.
Breeding:No information available, but likely to be similar to C. irrubesco
Comments: One of the rarely imported Carinotetraodon puffers, they may be found in specialist shops occasionally.

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