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Adult Oscar

Photo taken at Wharf Aquatics
© Sean Evans

Common name:Oscar, Tiger oscar, Red tiger oscar, Velvet cichlid
Scientific name:Astronotus ocellatus
Size:12" (30cm) or more.
Origin:South America
Tank setup:A large tank (see below), with plenty of open space and robust decor. Ensure that heaters are protected from breakage.
Compatibility:Not for the community tank! Small fishes will be eaten. Robust tankmates should be chosen with care.
Temperature:23-28oC (73-82oF)
Water chemistry:Not critical: around neutral pH (6.5-7.5), soft to fairly hard.
Feeding:Carnivorous: cichlid sticks/pellets and meaty foods like mussel, prawn and baitfish.
Sexing:No obvious differences. Pairs are usually obtained by allowing one to form naturally from a group of juveniles.
Breeding:A large number of eggs are laid on a pre-cleaned surface. The eggs and fry are tended by both parents.
Comments: The attractive colouration of juveniles makes them very popular, but this fish grows very large, and a single adult is likely to require a tank of around 50 gallons (225 L) minimum eventually. A pair will require a tank of around 80 gallons (360 L) or larger. They are enthusiastic and messy feeders, so a good filtration system is essential. Oscars are considered one of the ultimate 'pet' fish, due to their obvious intelligence and personality - almost every long-term oscar owner has a story to tell about the antics of their 'pet'!


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