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Nile Puffer

Nile Pufferfish

Photo taken at Wharf Aquatics
© Sean Evans

Common name:Nile Puffer, Banded puffer, Fahaka puffer, Globe fish
Scientific name:Tetraodon lineatus
Synonyms:Tetraodon fahaka (junior synonym)
Size:Up to 18" (45cm), but usually smaller in aquaria - approx 10-12" (25-30cm).
Tank setup:A fairly large tank (suggest 4x2x2'/122x61x61cm for an adult) with open swimming space.
Compatibility:Very aggressive, intolerant of its own species and often other fish, best kept alone. Some individuals have been known to coexist with other fish, but this is very risky and can't be recommended.
Temperature:24-26oC (75-78oF)
Water chemistry:Freshwater species: pH around neutral, soft to medium hard
Feeding:Carnivorous: Live and frozen meaty foods: prawn/shrimp and mussels, earthworms plus snails, cockle-in-shell, crabs legs and other hard-shelled foods.
Sexing:No obvious differences. Minor differences can be observed in spawning adults.
Breeding:Have been bred in aquaria, but this is extremely rare, largely due to aggression, which dissuades many people from attempting to breed them.
Comments: Like other puffers, these fish have formidable teeth, which can do a lot of damage to tankmates. Snails and shellfish should be included in the diet to help keep their teeth in check, as they grow constantly.

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