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Anomalochromis thomasi

Picture of Anomalochromis thomasi, pair

Photo taken at Wharf Aquatics
© Sean Evans

Common name:African Butterfly Cichlid
Scientific name:Anomalochromis thomasi
Synonyms:Paratilapia thomasi, Pelmatochromis thomasi, Hemichromis thomasi, Haplochromis thomasi
Size:Approx 3" (7cm)
Origin:West Africa: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone
Tank setup:Planted tank, with rock and bogwood caves.
Compatibility:Normally quite timid for a cichlid, but they will become territorial when spawning.
Temperature:24-28oC (75-82oF)
Water chemistry:Soft and slightly acidic to neutral pH.
Feeding:Omnnivorous: feed a varied diet of dry foods including a veggie component, supplemented with live or frozen foods.
Sexing:Not obvious, but males are slightly larger and have more elongated dorsal and anal fin rays.
Breeding:Substrate spawner. Eggs are normally attached to hard surfaces, and should hatch after 2-3 days. The fry should be free-swimming a few days later. Both parents look after the fry.
Comments: This is the only species in the genus (monotypic). Colours can become very intense when breeding, with dark bars on the body.


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