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Flag cichlid

Profile contributed by Bill Kramer, USA

Picture of Flag cichlid
Photo © Bill Kramer

Common name:Flag cichlid, Festivum, Festiva
Scientific name:Mesonauta festivus
Size:6 to 8" (15-20cm)
Origin:Amazon basins, Guyana
Tank setup:A heavily planted tank with plenty of hiding places.
Compatibility:Generally peaceful with similar sized tank mates that are not too aggressive. Do not keep with small fish as they may be eaten.
Temperature:23-26oC (73-78oF)
Water chemistry:Slightly acidic (pH 6.5-7.5), soft to medium hard water.
Feeding:Omnivorous: most foods accepted, provide some green foods.
Sexing:Males have a longer nose and are generally larger in size.
Breeding:Generally difficult to breed. Provide soft acidic warmer water to induce spawning. Eggs are laid on a pre-cleaned stone and guarded by the parents, who also tend the fry.
Comments: These cichlids need efficient filtration to maintain water quality as they are a sensitive species. As they are easily frightened, make sure to provide plenty of cover and hiding places in a well planted tank. Dim lighting is preferred.


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