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Nanochromis parilus

Picture of Nanochromis parilus, male

Photo © Sean Evans

Common name:
Scientific name:Nanochromis parilus
Size:Up to 3.5" (9cm), female smaller.
Origin:Africa: Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Tank setup:Planted tank, with rock or bogwood caves.
Compatibility:More peaceful than larger cichlids, but they will become territorial when spawning.
Temperature:24-28oC (75-82oF)
Water chemistry:Quite tolerant of a reasonable range, from soft to medium hard and pH 6.0 - 7.8 approx.
Feeding:Omnivorous: feed a good variety of dry foods, supplemented with frozen or live foods.
Sexing:Males are larger and have longer dorsal, anal and pelvic fins.
Breeding: Use plenty of cover as aggression is common, even among apparently bonded pairs. Provide several caves and structures to allow a choice of spawning sites. Both parents normally tend the fry.
Comments: This species is very similar to Nanochromis nudiceps, and has often been sold under that name in the aquatic trade. N. parilus can be distinguished from N. nudiceps by the alternating light and dark coloured bars in the top half of the caudal fin, which are not present in N. nudiceps.


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