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Giant gourami

Picture of Giant gourami, juvenile Picture of Giant gourami, adult
Juvenile and adult Giant Gouramies © Sean Evans

Photos taken at Wharf Aquatics

Common name:Giant gourami, Common gourami, Goramy
Scientific name:Osphronemus goramy
Size:Up to 28" (70cm)
Origin:Southeast Asia
Tank setup:A very large tank (6x2x2'/183x61x61cm minimum for an adult), with minimal robust decor.
Compatibility:Juveniles can be quite territorial, but adults become less aggressive, and can be combined with other large fish.
Temperature:Wide range tolerated: 20-30oC (68-86oF)
Water chemistry:Not critical: soft to medium hard, pH 6.2-7.8
Feeding:Omnivorous, almost any foods accepted - pellet foods ideal as a staple, include some green foods.
Sexing:The dorsal and anal fins are more pointed in males.
Breeding:Reported to build a bubble nest using plant material. Eggs take about 2 days to hatch. The male will the eggs and fry.
Comments: Juveniles of this fish are fairly commonly found for sale, but it should be noted just how large this fish becomes! It will eventually require a very large tank and an excellent filtration system.




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