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Polypterus delhezi

Picture of Polypterus delhezi Picture of Polypterus delhezi
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Armoured bichir, Barred bichir, Banded bichir
Scientific name:Polypterus delhezi
Size:Up to 14" (35cm)
Origin:Central Africa: Congo river, Upper and middle Congo (formerly Zaire).
Tank setup:Large tank (suggest minimum 48 x 15" / 122 x 38cm base area), with bogwood smooth rocks and possibly a few robust plants for decor, sandy substrate.
Compatibility:Predatory, keep with larger fish such as knifefish, Siamese tigerfish, etc.
Temperature:26-28oC (79-82oF)
Water chemistry:Fairly soft, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.
Feeding:Carnivore, will eat dead meaty foods such as baitfish, mussel and prawn/shrimp, as well as sinking pellet foods.
Sexing:The anal fin of mature males is larger and thicker.
Breeding:No detailed accounts known, but likely to be similar to other Polypterus.
Comments: This fish is predatory and may eat anything which will fit into its mouth. They can be intolerant of their own species and may bite them. They should, however, be fine with other tankmates which are too large to fit in their mouths, such as large cichlids and catfish. Make sure the tank has a tight-fitting cover, as these fish have a reputation as escape artists.

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