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Figure 8 Puffer

Figure 8 Puffer
Photo © Sean Evans

Common name:Figure 8 Puffer, Palemba, Sumatra puffer
Scientific name:Tetraodon biocellatus
Synonyms:Has been (incorrectly) referred to as T. palembangensis.
Size:Approx. 3" (7cm).
Origin:Asia: Indo-China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Tank setup:Either a species tank, or a community with selected companions. Leave some open swimming space but provide rocks, bogwood or robust/plastic plants for cover. A sand substrate is ideal (easier to clean, and for the puffers to pick up sinking foods from).
Compatibility:Not particularly aggressive, but may still nip fins or eat small fish such as tetras.
Temperature:24-28oC (75-82oF)
Water chemistry:Ideally, this species should be kept in slightly brackish conditions. The level of salt is not critical, a SG of around 1.002 - 1.005 will suffice.
Feeding:Live and frozen meaty foods: bloodworm and brine shrimp, cockles and mussels, snails.
Sexing:No obvious differences.
Comments: Although this species is caught in both freshwater and brackish water in the wild, it appears to be much hardier and long-lived when kept in brackish aquaria. Unlike many other puffers, the attractive markings of this species do not fade with age.

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