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Pseudotropheus socolofi

Picture of Pseudotropheus socolofi
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Powder Blue cichlid, Pindani
Scientific name:Pseudotropheus socolofi
Size:4" (10cm)
Origin:Lake Malawi, East Africa.
Tank setup:A large tank (4ft/122cm plus) with many rock caves.
Compatibility:Combine with other mbuna, a less aggressive species.
Temperature:23-28oC (73-82oF)
Water chemistry:Hard and alkaline: pH 7.6-8.6 ; GH 7 plus ; KH 10-12 ideally, but at least 5-6.
Feeding:Herbivore - include a vegetable component in the diet, such as flake or pellets with a high content of vegetable matter and/or spirulina algae.
Sexing:The sexes are identical in colour, but males have larger egg-spots and longer ventral fins, usually with more obvious black edges.
Breeding:Mouthbrooder. Breeding males will defend a territory.
Comments: A fairly commonly encountered mbuna, which is not overly aggressive and makes a colourful addition to any mbuna tank.

See also the Malawi mbuna section for more detailed info on keeping and breeding the Malawi mbuna cichlids.


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