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Aquarium Setups

Allyson's Tank

Allyson's tank (1)

This is Allyson's 24 UK gallon planted setup (36x12x18").

Allyson's tank (2)
Close up, showing tetras.

Allyson's tank (3)
Updated picture, March 2004.

The fish include 5 Pristella tetras, 8 Rummy-nose tetras, 6 Panda cories (breeding group), 6 Bronze cories (breeding group), and a breeding pair of Bristlenose catfish. The catfish are all spawning on a regular basis and the fry being moved to a separate rearing tank. The decor includes two pieces of bogwood and live plants, which include Limnophila sessiflora, Rotala indica, Vallisneria, Amazon Swords and floating Amazon Frogbit.

The tank is filtered by an Eheim Ecco 2231 external canister filter and an Eheim 2010 internal power filter, and heated by a Interpet 200W heater. Lighting is from a 25W Arcadia Tropical tube for 12 hours (10.00-22.00) and a 25W Arcadia Freshwater tube for 10 hours (11.00-21.00). A black Juwel background has been used, and the substrate is aquarium sand.

Added June 2002, updated March 2004




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