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Aquarium Setups

Darrell's 20 Gallon Tank

Darrell's Tank (Pic 1)

Darrell's Tank, full view Darrell's Tank, close up 1 Darrell's Tank, close up 2
Full view, including cabinet Close up view 1 Close up view 2
(click on photo for larger pic, press BACK to return)

This 20 gallon community tank measures 24x18x16", and belongs to Darrell, one of our forum members. The inhabitants are 6 Black Phantoms, 6 Rummy nose, 5 Cardinals, 3 Otocinclus vittatus and 20 Caridina japonica (Algae eating shrimps).

Darrell's comments:
The tank is filtered by an Eheim Professional 2222 external. It is lit by two 18" Arcadia tubes, one Original Tropical and one Freshwater each with reflectors, and heavily planted. I supply CO2 once a week through a small Bioplast nutriflex diffuser. I made the canopy myself. The cabinet was bought from a pine shop, but seemed ideal for a tank. I had them make me one a bit deeper than they normally did, and then had the tank made to fit. As for the skull !!!, that was just someone who fell out with me one night. I have just bought an Interpet Bluemoon tube which I will setup to give an extra dimension to my lighting system. I also aim to add a more conventional Co2 system for a small tank.

Added September 2001




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