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Welcome to The Tropical Tank...

Dedicated to Tropical Fish and
the Freshwater Aquarium Hobby

Here you will find lots of information on Tropical Fish and Aquariums.
The site has been designed to provide lots of useful info on fishkeeping in a compact and easy-to-navigate manner. Hopefully there will be something here for everyone, from tropical fish beginners to advanced fishkeepers!


Tropical Fish Beginner page

New to the aquarium hobby?
Check out the Beginner page for advice on getting started, a guide to selecting the right aquarium fish and common problems.

Tropical Fish species index

Check out the Fish Index - featuring more than a hundred and fifty tropical fish species profiles, with all fish profiles including photos!

We're backing the Big Fish Campaign

The Tropical Tank is supporting
The Big Fish Campaign,
which aims to raise awareness about the problem of
very large aquarium fish outgrowing their homes.


If you are concerned about the treatment of the aquarium fish available in our hobby, then you should be aware of issues relating to Painted / Dyed fish.

More than 6,000 people signed our online petition against this practice.


The Tropical Tank features info and pictures for over 150 tropical fish including: catfish, cichlids, labyrinth fish, tetras, barbs, loaches, sharks, livebearers, rainbowfish and oddball fish; fish from Africa, South and Central America, Asia, Lake Malawi and Tanganyika.

There is also info on fishkeeping for beginners; aquarium equipment - filtration, heating, lighting, decor, substrate; tank setups with pictures; articles on water chemistry, aquarium maintenance, water changes, ph, water hardness, chlorine and chloramine, tank cycling, breeding, algae, aquarium plants, fish health and disease; fish photos; public aquariums, a fishkeeping quiz, fish and aquarium books and more!




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