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I now receive a large volume of site-related email, and my limited free time means that it is difficult to keep up with the number received and reply promptly. This situation is not likely to change for the next few months.

Therefore, if you have a question relating to any area of fishkeeping, consider using the Forum, where I and others should be able to answer your queries quickly. Registering as a member is easy (and free!), and you will find a friendly community of keen fishkeepers of all levels, who will be happy to help you with any problems - or just come and join in the chat about fish and aquariums!

If you have a general comment or feedback about the site, etc, then feel free to email me as normal - sean@ (this is not a clickable link to reduce spam, you will need to copy it into your email program and remove the space after the @ symbol). I will try and answer any comments/questions as promptly as possible. Apologies if you have contacted me previously and your email has become buried in my inbox!













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