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About The Tropical Tank, Site Design and Acknowledgements

The Tropical Tank started as a two-page website created as part of a one-day course in HTML that I attended. We were asked by the tutor to practise the HTML code by putting together a web page about something we were interested in. So I thought, "Why not a page about my tropical fish tanks?". I carried on adding to it after the course, and eventually bought my own domain name. "The Tropical Tank" was chosen after much thinking about suitable names (that weren't already taken!).

I continued to add information that I thought would be of use to other fishkeepers, and the site grew. A discussion forum was added, which has been through several incarnations with different board software, but has always been a friendly and busy forum, and has an excellent moderator team that help run it.

The emphasis on the site was always good content and easy navigation, rather than flashy design. The site is built using manually-coded HTML and a plain text editor (Windows Notepad). This gives 'uncluttered' code that makes pages load faster. I also used a few colourful bits n pieces from these guys:

Create FREE graphics at website website

For many years the site design didn't change much, apart from using some CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and SSI (Server Side Includes) to aid in the consistency and updating of the site. Eventually, in May 2008, I put the site into a new framework for a more consistant and professional look - more fitting for the popular website that The Tropical Tank had become, averaging around 6-7 million hits and around 250 to 300,000 unique visitors per month!

If you would like to know more about the fishkeeper behind this website, I have a little Fishkeeping Biography page.




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