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Aquarium Setups

Mark's Tank


Tropiquarium 68, contributed by Mark from Cheshire.

"Hi! This is a picture of my tank. It is a Tropiquarium 68, and Iíve had it for two years.

In this picture inside the tank are the following:
1 x male Betta, 2 x Gourami (yes they can be territorial, but there are enough things to swim behind for them not to come into contact too often), 2 x dragonhead Guppies (that might be dragontailsÖI donít pay enough attention!), 2 x yellow mollies (one male one female), 1 x white molly, 1 x Dalmatian molly (the white and Dalmatian mollies make a pair), 2 x clown loach, 13 x Neon tetras, 1 x catfish, 1 x silver shark, 1 x platy, A few baby fish!

I'm going to upgrade to a larger tank in the summer, hopefully a Juwel Rio 400, that is, if my parents will allow me and if the floor of my bedroom will hold it without it appearing in the lounge!

I have a small algae problem, but this is being combated by the catfish and the real plants I recently put in. Anyway hope you like the picture! "

Added July 2004




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