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Recommended Books

This section contains recommendations for books on fish and aquaria that I have been impressed with and think visitors to this site might find useful (including one that I wrote!). I have added a buying feature, so that you can purchase any of these books online from The links next to the books below will take you directly to the correct page for that book, where you will be able to read customer reviews and more info, before deciding whether you would like to purchase. In Association with
Lake Malawi Cichlids - Mark Phillip Smith
An excellent little book for the price and a great intro to keeping Malawi cichlids. Contains sections on setting up and maintaining a Malawi cichlid tank, and profiles of many of the more commonly available species.
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids - Mark Phillip Smith
A superb little book with good species coverage and general information on setting up an aquarium for these cichlids. Great value for money, don't be put off by the small size of the book or the low price tag!
Tropical Aquarium - Sean Evans
A new book by the author of The Tropical Tank! This book provides an up-to-date reference for setting up and maintaining a tropical aquarium, and selecting appropriate fish from over 180 species profiled.
The Natural Aquarium - Satoshi Yoshino and Doshin Kobayashi
A beautifully photographed book with many ideas for aquascaping themed/biotope type tanks.
The Interpet Manual of Fish Health - Dr. Chris Andrews, Adrian Exell and Dr. Neville Carrington
A comprehensive and very useful book covering all aspects of fish health from understanding water quality and its effects on fish, to diagnosing and treating disease.
Freshwater Stingrays (Barrons) - Richard Ross
Another great little book in the Barrons series, packed with info on these fascinating fish and how to keep them successfully in the aquarium - includes aquarium setup, feeding, diseases and much more.
500 Ways to Be a Better Freshwater Fish Keeper - Mary Bailey, Sean Evans, Nick Fletcher, Andy Green, Peter Hiscock, Pat Lambert and Anna Robinson.
A very useful book providing tips from a team of experienced fishkeepers on subjects including selecting an aquarium and equipment, plants, feeding, breeding and much more.




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