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London Aquarium

Below are images taken from some of the photos that I took on a recent visit to the London Aquarium, UK.
Apologies for the quality of some of the photos, which were taken with a normal (rather than digital) camera!

Hold mouse over thumbnail pic for description, left-click for larger picture. (Press 'back' to return)

The enormous tankbusters tank contained red-tailed catfish, pacus, a tiger shovelnose catfish and giant gouramies.
Red tailed catfish Pacu Tiger shovelnose Giant gouramies
Other Freshwater/Brackish Display Tanks
Other non-marine displays included a Malawi tank, a tank of red-bellied piranha, and a brackish setup.
Malawi display tank Freshwater display tank Red-bellied piranha Brackish display tank
Marine Displays
The Marine Display tanks included some colourful reef fish as well as the predatory Lion fish and delicate Seahorses
Lion fish Flame Angel Coral Beauty Damsels/Pajama Cardinal
Copper-banded/Firefish Yellow Tangs Parrot Fish Seahorses

Visit London Aquarium's website for more info.




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