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Malawi Mbuna Cichlids


The articles below focus on the cichlids (pronounced sick-lids) found in Lake Malawi, in East Africa's Rift Valley. They can be roughly divided into two main groups: the rock-dwelling, mainly herbivorous/omnivorous "mbuna" and the open-water species, which are mainly predatory. These articles focus on the colourful mbuna (an African word meaning "rock fish") which are the ones most commonly kept in aquaria.

  Picture of Malawi mbuna cichlids


There are few freshwater setups that can compare to a mbuna tank for colour and activity. Hopefully this section will have given you a starting point for setting up your own tank to house these lively and colourful fish. With a little planning and research it is possible to create both a healthy environment for the fish and a stunning display at the same time.




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