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My Fish and Aquarium Books

The following is just a list of the books on fish and aquaria that I have collected over the years. Of course, there is always a long list of books I still want, especially some of the more expensive ones! I'm a real sucker for fish books, and have little resistance to parting with my money when I see one that I want! I also subscribe to 5 fishkeeping magazines. There's always more to learn in this hobby!

General/Health & Disease
Practical Fishkeeping - Mary Bailey & Gina SandfordSebastian Kelly, 1999
Caring For Your Aquarium - Mary Bailey & Gina SandfordSebastian Kelly, 1997
Aquarium Fish : 300 Fresh-Water Fishes and Plants in Community, Species, and Biotope Aquariums - Ulrich SchliewenBarrons 1991
Aquarium Atlas - Dr. Rudiger Riehl & Hans A. BaenschMergus, 1997 (6th edition)
Aquarium Atlas Volume 2 - Hans A. Baensch & Dr. Rudiger RiehlMergus, 1997 (3rd edition)
Aquarium Atlas Volume 3 - Dr. Rudiger Riehl & Hans A. BaenschMergus, 1997 (2nd edition)
Aquarium Fishes of the World - Herbert R. Axelrod, Warren E. Burgess, and othersTFH, 1998
The Aquarium Fish Handbook - David GoodwinD&S Books, 2001
The Ultimate Aquarium - Mary Bailey & Gina SandfordAnness, 2001
Tropical Aquarium Fishes - Gina SandfordInterpet, 1989
Popular Freshwater Tropical Fish - John DawesParragon, 1998
An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish - Gina SandfordQuantum, 1998
500 Ways to Be a Better Freshwater Fishkeeper - Mary Bailey, Sean Evans, et alFirefly/Interpet, 2005
A Quick N Easy Guide to Keeping Tropical Fish - Anne McDowall (editor)Interpet, 2006
What Fish? - Mary Bailey, Nick Fletcher, et alInterpet, 2006
Aquarium Fish Breeding - Jay F. HemdalBarrons, 2003
The Manual of Tank Busters - Gina Sandford and Richard CrowTetra, 1991
Jumbo Fishes For The Large Aquarium - Dr. Herbert R. AxelrodTFH, 1992
Aquarium Filtration - Richard F. StrattonTFH
Aquatic Systems Engineering: Devices and How They Function (2nd Edition) - P. R. EscobalDimension Engineering Press, 2000
Tropical Fishlopedia - Mary Bailey & Peter BurgessHowell, 2000
A Commonsense Guide To Fish Health - Terry FairfieldBarrons, 2000
The Healthy Aquarium - Dr. Neville CarringtonInterpet, 1996
Manual of Fish Health - Dr. Chris Andrews, Adrian Exell and Dr. Neville CarringtonInterpet, 1988
A Complete Introduction to Fish Diseases - Dr. Gottfried SchubertTFH, 1995
Color Guide of Tropical Fish Diseases - Gerald Bassleer
Textbook of Fish Health - Dr. George PostTFH, 1987
Plants and Natural/Biotope Aquariums
Aquarium Plants - Barry JamesInterpet, 1986
Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants - Peter HiscockBarrons, 2003
Aquarium Plant Paradise - Takashi AmanoTFH, 1997
Nature Aquarium World Book 3 - Takashi AmanoTFH, 1994
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium : A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist - Diana L. WalstadEchinodorous, 1999
Hobbyist Guide to The Natural Aquarium - Dr. Chris AndrewsTetra, 1991
The Biotope Aquarium - Rainer StawikowskiTFH, 1993
The Natural Aquarium - Satoshi Yoshino and Doshin KobayashiTFH, 1993
Dynamic Aquaria: Building Living Ecosystems - Walter H. Adey and Karen LovelandAcademic Press, 1998
Back to Nature Guide to Catfishes - David SandsFohrman, 1997
Catfish in the Aquarium - Dr. Carl Ferraris Jr.Tetra, 1991
Catfish, Keeping and Breeding Them In Captivity - Richard GeisTFH
African & Asian Catfishes - David SandsInterpet, 1986
South American Catfishes - David SandsInterpet, 1988
Corydoras Catfish, An Aquarist's Handbook - Derek LambourneBlandford, 1995
All CorydorasAqualog
Bristlenoses, Catfish with Character- Kathy JinkinsTFH, 2000
The Catfish Connection: Ecology, Migration and Conservation of Amazon Predators - Ronaldo Barthem and Michael GouldingColumbia Univ Press, 1997
Guide to Cichlids - David E. BoruchowitzTFH, 2006
Central American Cichlids - David SandsInterpet, 1986
South American Cichlids - Dr. Wayne S. LeibelSalamander, 1993
American Cichlids 1: Dwarf Cichlids - Horst Linke and Dr. Wolfgang StaeckTetra, 1994
South American Cichlids - Richard F. StrattonTFH, 1998
Dwarf Cichlids - David E. BoruchowitzTFH
South American Eartheaters - Thomas WeidnerCichlid Press, 2000
African Cichlids - Dr. Paul V. LoiselleInterpet, 1988
African Cichlids I: Cichlids from West Africa - Horst Linke and Dr. Wolfgang StaeckTetra, 1994
African Cichlids II: Cichlids from Eastern Africa - Dr. Wolfgang Staeck and Horst LinkeTetra, 1994
The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa - Anton LambojBirgit Schmettkamp Verlag, 2004
Lake Malawi Cichlids - Mark Phillip SmithBarrons, 2000
Freshwater Coral Fish Malawi - Erwin SchramlAqualog, 1998
Malawi Cichlids Back To Nature - Ad KoningsFohrman, 1997
Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, 3rd edition - Ad KoningsCichlid Press, 2001
Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, 4th edition - Ad KoningsCichlid Press, 2007
The Cichlids Diversity of Lake Malawi - Jos Snoeks (editor)Cichlid Press, 2004
Cichlids and All The Other Fishes of Lake Tanganyika - Pierre BrichardTFH
Tanganyika Cichlids Back To Nature - Ad KoningsFohrman, 1996
Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat - Ad KoningsCichlid Press, 1998
The Tanganyika Cichlid Aquarium - Georg ZurloBarrons, 2000
Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids - Mark Phillip SmithBarrons, 1998
Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids - Frank SchneidewindInterpet, 2002
Lake Victoria Basin Cichlids - Mark Phillip SmithBarrons, 2001
Lake Victoria Cichlids - Nick JamesRingpress, 2002
Other fish species
Brackish-Water Fishes - Frank SchaferAqualog, 2005
Brackish-Water Fishes - Neale Monks (editor)TFH, 2006
Freshwater Angelfishes - Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod and Dr. Warren E. BurgessTFH, 1979
Jurassic Fishes - Haruto KoderaTFH, 1996
Gouramies and Other Labyrinth Fishes - Gary Elson and Oliver LucanusBarrons, 2002
Killifish - Steffen HellnerBarrons, 1990
Keeping Moray Eels in Aquariums - Phil PurserTFH, 2005
Piranhas - David M. SchleserBarrons, 1997
Rainbowfish - Gunther SchmidaBarrons, 1998
Rainbowfishes, Keeping and Breeding Them In Captivity - Derek LambertTFH, 1998
Breathtaking Rainbows Aqualog Special - Harro HieronimusAqualog, 1999
Rasboras, Keeping and Breeding Them In Captivity - Dr. Martin R. BrittanTFH
Freshwater Stingrays - Richard RossBarrons, 1999
The Dragon Fish - John Dawes, Lim Liam Chuan and Leslie Cheong (Eds)Kingdom, 1999
Ornamental Aquarium Fish of India - Kishori Lal Tekriwal and Andrew Arunava RaoKingdom/TFH, 1999
Polypterus - Frank SchaferAqualog, 2004
The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters - Dr. Klaus EbertAqualog, 2001
Pufferfish - Chris RalphRingpress, 2003
Platies and Swordtails, An Aquarist's Handbook - Derek and Pat LambertBlandford 1995
Shrimps, Crayfishes and Crabs Aqualog Special - Uwe WernerAqualog, 1998
Marine Aquaria
Natural Reef Aquariums - John H. TullockTFH, 2001
The Marine Aquarium - Nick DakinInterpet, 2000
Marine Aquaria and Miniature Reefs - Dr. C.W. EmmensTFH, 1990
Saltwater Aquarium - Axel TunzeBarrons, 2001
The Saltwater Aquarium Handbook - George BlasiolaBarrons, 2000
Your First Marine Aquarium - John H. TullockBarrons, 1998
Water Chemistry for the Marine Aquarium - John H. TullockBarrons,
The Marine Aquarium - Dick MillsSalamander, 1987
Aquarium Corals - Eric H. BornemanTFH, 2001
Soft Corals - Jim FatherreeTFH
Seahorses - Neil Garrick-MaidmentRingpress, 2002
Algae: A Problem Solver Guide - Julian SprungRicordia, 2002
Marine General
Sharks and Rays - Leighton R. Taylor (Ed)Collins, 1997
The Blue PlanetBBC, 2001
Ocean Life - Sally Morgan & Pauline LalorParkgate Books, 2000
Undersea Journey - Jeffrey L. RotmanSwan Hill Press, 1997
Evolution and Behaviour
Air-Breathing Fishes - Jeffrey B. GrahamAcademic Press
Discovering Fossil Fishes - John G. MaiseyHenry Holt, 1996
The Rise of Fishes - John A. LongJohn Hopkins Univ Press, 1996
Darwin's Dreampond, Drama in Lake Victoria - Tijs GoldschmidtMIT, 1998
The Cichlid Fishes, Nature's Grand Experiment in Evolution - George W. BarlowPerseus, 2000
Aquagenesis The Origin and Evolution of Life in the Sea - Richard EllisPenguin, 2003
Fish Behaviour In The Aquarium and In The Wild - Stephan ReebsCornell, 2001
Fish and Their Behaviour - Gunther K.H. ZupancTetra, 1985
Reef Fish Behaviour - Ned DeloachNew World Publications, 1999
Reference and Scientific Texts
An Introduction to Ichthyology - Peter B. Moyle and Joseph J. Cech, Jr.Prentice Hall, 2004
Marine Biology - Jeffrey S. LevingtonOxford Univ Press, 2001
Limnology, Lake and River Ecosystems - Robert G. WetzelAcademic Press, 2001 (3rd ed)
CLOFFA (Check-List of the Freshwater Fishes of Africa), Volumes 1-4.
Fishes of the Cross River Basin (Cameroon - Nigeria) - Guy G. Teugels, Gordon McG. Reid and Richard P. King1992
Biological Diversity of African Fresh- and Brackish Water Fishes - Guy G. Teugels, Jean-francois Guegan and Jean-Jacques Albaret (Editors)1994


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