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Specifications for Airpumps

ModelOutput per hourRecommended for tank size...Comments
Mistral 190 LUp to 18x12x12 
Mistral 2120 LUp to 30x12x15 
Mistral 3300 LUp to 42x12x15Twin output
Mistral 4400 LUp to 60x12x15Twin output
5000SUp to 450 L  
5000SRUp to 450 L Adjustable
100100 L Adjustable
200200 L Twin output, separately adjustable
400400 L Twin output, separately adjustable
Hagen Elite
Elite 79960 L5 galSingle outlet
Elite 80090 L10 galSingle outlet
Elite 801150 L15 galSingle outlet
Elite 8022x90 L20 galDouble outlet
Maxima2x150 L30 galDouble outlet
Interpet Aqua Air
AP mini60 L18"Single outlet
AP1120 L24"Single outlet
AP2210 L36"Single outlet
AP32x180 L48"Double outlet
AP42x300 L60"Double outlet
Interpet Airvolution
AV mini75 L18"Single outlet
AV1170 L24"Single outlet
AV2200 L36"Single outlet
AV32x250 L48"Double outlet
AV42x300 L60"Double outlet
5050 L Single outlet
100120 L Single outlet
200160 L Single outlet
300200 L Single outlet
600400 L Double outlet
110110 L Single outlet
275R275 L Adjustable, Twin outlet
550R550 L Adjustable, Four outlet
Tetratec APS
APS5070 LUp to 50 LSingle outlet
APS100120 LUp to 100 LSingle outlet
APS150160 LUp to 200 LSingle outlet
APS300200 LUp to 300 LDouble outlet
APS400400 LUp to 600 LDouble outlet

Discontinued models:

Ghost I90 L18"Single outlet
Ghost II210 L24"Twin outlet
Ghost III420 L36"Twin outlet
Tetratec Whisper
AP3030 L Single outlet
AP5050 L Single outlet
AP8080 L Single outlet
AP100100 L Adjustable single outlet
AP150150 L Adjustable double outlet
AP200200 L Adjustable double outlet

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