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Specifications for Fluorescent Tubes

NameRecommended for...Sizes
FreshwaterFreshwater planted tanks9-60"High light output
Tri-phosphor lamp*
Colour temp: 7,500K
TropicalFish colours, low-medium light plants12-60"Accentuates fish colours
Marine whiteMarine/Reef tanks18-60"
Marine Blue 420 ActinicMarine/Reef tanks18-60"
AquagloFish colours, plants12-48"Standard intensity.
Colour temp: 18,000K
FloragloPlanted tanks12-48"Standard intensity.
Colour temp: 2,800K
LifegloAquariums, vivariums, terrariums18-48"High intensity.
Colour temp: 6,700K
PowergloPlants, corals12-48"High intensity
SungloFish colours, plants12-48"Full sun spectrum.
Colour temp: 4,200K
Community Daylight
Tropical & Coldwater12-48"Avg lifespan 10,000 hrs
Tropical Daylight
Tropical, Plants12-60"Avg lifespan 7,500 hrs
Tri-phosphor lamp*
Blue MoonlightMoonlight effect, corals15-48"Avg lifespan 10,000 hrs
Reef Daylight (Daylight Plus)Marine Reef & Inverts18-48" 

* Tri-phosphor lamps retain almost full output over their lifespan, this means they only need replacing when they fail, rather than every 6-12 months as recommended for other tubes to retain high output (however, the characteristics of the spectrum may change).

Standard Length vs Wattage for T8 (1"/25mm) Flourescent Tubes


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