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Review - API Phos-Zorb

Phos-Zorb, from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (API) is an aluminium oxide resin designed to remove phosphates and silicates from aquarium water. These substances are known to encourage certain types of algae. One pouch will treat 55 USgal/208 litres. The pouch can be stored in its original container when not in use, and is not affected by drying out. If continuous removal of phosphate and silicate is required, the pouch needs to be replaced every 6-8 weeks.
The manufacturers state that Phos-Zorb:

  • will not remove trace elements
  • will not affect pH
  • is safe for all fish, invertebrates and plants
  • can be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.
API Phos-Zorb

The resin pouch can be placed directly into a filter compartment or emptied out into a filter bag, which can then be placed in a canister filter, sump filter, etc. to maximise the flow of water through it. Like other adsorbant products, it will work more efficiently if it is not clogged by organic debris, so it is advisable to use some sort of mechanical filtration before the Phos-Zorb.

I found that a pouch of Phos-Zorb would reduce a phosphate level of 2 ppm to <0.2 ppm in a 30 gallon tank in about 5 days.

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