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Images of SeaWorld

Below are images taken from some of the photos taken on a visit to SeaWorld, Orlando.

Hold mouse over thumbnail pic for description, left-click for larger picture.

"Coral Reef" exhibition, and poison dart frogs
Royal grammas A Royal gramma and other reef fish Seahorse
Sea Dragon Unhappy fish? Dart Frog, D. azureus
"Terrors of the Deep" exhibition
Barracuda, lightning predators A Moray Eel peers out of his hole... Sh-sh-Shark!
Can anyone hear 'Jaws' music? Sharks and Rays (1) Sharks and Rays (2)
Marine Mammals
Dolphins underwater Sea Lions Sea Lion - 'Is this my best side?'
The loudest voice... gets the most food A Manatee, the gentle giant Close up of a Manatee!

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