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Ceratopteris thalictroides

Indian Fern, Water Sprite, Water Fern

(Southeast Asia)

Aquarium UseMiddleground, or as a floating plant. Floating Indian Fern
Growth RateFast
Difficulty LevelEasy
Temperature20-26oC (68-78oF)
Water ChemistryIdeally soft and acidic (pH 5.8-6.8) where it will grow rapidly, but a wide range of conditions are tolerated.
SubstrateEnriched substrate beneficial when growing as a rooted plant.
PropagationBy cuttings, budding from mature leaves
CommentsA very versatile plant, it can be grown submersed or as a floating plant. Buds form on older leaves, which can be separated at about an inch across and replanted or left floating. The leaf colour and shape is variable under different lighting conditions.


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