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Plant Directory

A-Z by Scientific name

Anubias barteri var. barteriAnubias barteri NEW!
Ceratopteris thalictroidesIndian Fern, Water Sprite
Cryptocoryne ponterderifolia
Echinodorus bleheriBroad Leaf Amazon Sword
Echinodorus tenellusPygmy Chain Swordplant
Egeria densaGiant Elodia
Hygrophila difformisWater Wisteria
Hygrophila polyspermaIndian Water Star
Lilaeopsis brasiliensisBrazilian Micro Sword NEW!
Microsorium pteropusJava Fern
Nymphaea lotusTiger Lotus, Water Lily
Pogostemon helferiDaonoi, 'little star' NEW!
Taxiphyllum barbieriJava Moss
Vallisneria spiralisStraight vallis
Vallisneria tortifoliaTwisted vallis




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