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Intermediate level fish

This section contains fish which are not for the general community tank, but are not difficult to keep if their requirements are met. They may grow quite large, show aggression towards tankmates, or require special attention to diet or water quality. Many, however, are hardy once established and are excellent fish for fishkeepers with some experience - or beginners who have planned their tank carefully and researched the needs of the fish.

SpeciesNotes: reasons for classing as an 'intermediate' fish
South/Central American Cichlids Territorial and aggressive, many grow large. Difficult to anticipate aggression levels between different species. Picture of male Ram cichlid
Rams - peaceful cichlids for a mature community tank
Dwarf Cichlids Unlike many of the larger cichlids, the dwarf cichlids from South America and Africa are generally peaceful, and only become territorial when a pair are spawning. Most only grow to around 2" (5cm) long. However, some are more sensitive to water quality than common community fish, or require a slightly different setup to thrive - hence they have been included as "intermediate" fish.
Malawi Cichlids Territorial and aggressive. Usually need to be well stocked to spread aggression. Need an alkaline pH. Picture of Polypterus delhezi
Polypterus delhezi (Armoured bichir) - a predator...

Tanganyika Cichlids Territorial and aggressive. Need a high pH and hardness, and a light stocking level.
(Polypterus sp.)
Likely to eat any fish which will fit in its mouth. Some species will bite others of their own kind. Require carnivorous diet.
Knifefish Predatory, will eat small fish. Some species, like the Clown Knife, grow very large.

Good community fish Community fish - with caution! Intermediate fish Fish to avoid!




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