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Picture of Angelfish Picture of 'Zebra' Angelfish

Wild type and 'Zebra' variety, with additional vertical bars
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Angelfish, Angel fish
Scientific name:Pterophyllum scalare
Size:Up to 6" (15cm), but usually smaller in aquaria
Origin:Central Amazon
Tank setup:Larger community tanks, preferably a tall tank with long-leaved plants.
Compatibility:Generally fine for the community tank, but pairs will become aggressive when spawning. Adults may eat small fish such as tetras, especially if the smaller fish are added to the tank later.
Temperature:24-28oC (75-82oF)
Water chemistry:Soft and acidic for wild caught, wider range of conditions tolerated by aquarium bred fish.
Feeding:Omnivorous, will take most flake, granular and pellet foods, as well as frozen and live foods.
Sexing:Difficult, most methods are unreliable, especially in juveniles. In established pairs, the male is usually larger.
Breeding:A pair will clean a leaf or other vertical surface, on which many adhesive eggs are laid.
Comments: Most fish found for sale are aquarium bred and liable to be more tolerant of a wider range of conditions. A number of colour and pattern varieties of angelfish have been produced including marbled, koi, black, zebra and golden forms.


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