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Freshwater and Brackish Pufferfish

Listed below are many of the species of puffers which normally inhabit fresh and brackish waters. There is some confusion regarding the naming of puffer species, especially with regard to the common names used! The scientific names listed below have been carefully cross-checked with the most up-to-date sources available.

There is also some debate about whether some species are freshwater or brackish. The truth in many cases is that some species may occasionally wander into both types of water. Therefore, the information given below gives the water in which it is normally found, or in which it is said to do best in aquaria, according to the majority of reliable sources.
Follow the links to more info on individual species.

Scientific nameCommon nameOrigin
Auriglobus modestusGolden pufferAsia (FW)
Carinotetraodon borneensisRed-Bellied Black puffer New!Asia (FW)
Carinotetraodon imitatorImitating dwarf pufferAsia (FW)
Carinotetraodon irrubescoRed-tailed Redeye pufferAsia (FW)
Carinotetraodon lortetiLortet's, crested puffer New!Asia (FW)
Carinotetraodon salivatorStriped redeye/Zebra puffer New!Asia (FW)
Carinotetraodon travancoricusDwarf, Pygmy, Indian, Gold/Green pufferAsia (FW)
Colomesus asellusAssel, South American, Brazilian pufferSouth America - Amazon basin (FW)
Colomesus psittacusParrot pufferSouth America (Brackish)
Dichotomyctere erythrotaeniaRed-line/band, Samurai puffer, ToadfishAsia (Brackish)
Dichotomyctere fluviatilisGreen pufferAsia (Brackish)
Dichotomyctere nigroviridisGreen Spotted pufferAsia (Brackish)
Dichotomyctere ocellatusFigure-eight / eyespot pufferAsia (Brackish)
Pao abeiAbe's pufferAsia (FW)
Pao baileyiHairy pufferAsia (FW)
Pao cochinchinensisTarget pufferAsia (FW)
Pao fangiFang's puffer, brown pufferAsia (FW)
Pao leiurusTarget, Eye-spot/Twin-spot pufferAsia (FW)
Pao palembangensisPalembang, Humpback pufferAsia (FW)
Pao suvattiiPignose, Mekong, Arrowhead pufferAsia (FW)
Pao turgidusBrown pufferAsia (FW)
Tetraodon barbatusThai pufferAsia (FW)
Tetraodon biocellatusFigure-eight pufferAsia (Brackish)
Tetraodon cutcutiaCommon, Malayan, Avacado, Ocellated, EmeraldAsia (FW)
Tetraodon duboisiStanley Pool, Reticulated pufferAfrica (FW)
Tetraodon lineatus/fahakaNile, Banded pufferAfrica (FW)
Tetraodon mbuGiant pufferAfrica (FW)
Tetraodon miurusCongo pufferAfrica (FW)
Tetraodon pustulatusCross River pufferAfrica (FW)
Tetraodon schoutedeniSpotted Congo, Leopard pufferAfrica (FW)




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