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Pentazona barb

Picture of Pentazona barbs Picture of Pentazona barb
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Pentazona barb, Five Banded barb
Scientific name:Desmopuntius pentazona
Synonyms:Puntius pentazona, Barbus pentazona, Capoeta pentazona, Desmopuntius hexazona*
Size:Up to 2" (5cm)
Origin:Southeast Asia: Borneo, Malayan peninsula, Singapore.
Tank setup:Planted tank with plenty of cover for this timid shoaling species. Avoid overly bright lighting, or provide shade.
Compatibility:A peaceful community fish, may be timid in the presence of more boisterous fish. Keep in a shoal.
Temperature:23-26oC (73-79oF)
Water chemistry:Fairly soft, slightly acidic preferred (pH 6.0-7.0), especially for breeding. The addition of peat to the filter or the use of 'blackwater' tonics will be beneficial and promote better colour.
Feeding:Omnivorous, most foods accepted, use flake and granular foods as a staple, supplemented with small live/frozen foods.
Sexing:Males tend to be more colourful and are smaller and slimmer than females.
Breeding:Typical egg scatterer, but not easy to breed. Maintain the breeding tank at the upper end of the temperature range.
Comments: This fish has a pattern similar to the Tiger barb, but does not share the reputation of that species for fin-nipping, and is therefore a good alternative for the peaceful community tank.

*It has been suggested that the scientific name for the species found in the hobby should be Desmopuntius hexazona. This may be the same or a similar species to Desmopuntius pentazona.




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