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Pike characin / Slant-nosed gar

Picture of Pike characin / slant nosed gar

Photo taken at Wharf Aquatics
© Sean Evans

Common name:Pike characin, Slant-nosed gar, Gar characin
Scientific name:Ctenolucius hujeta
Synonyms:Xiphostoma hujeta, Luciocharax insculptus, Hydrocynus hujeta (not valid)
Size:Can attain 28" (70cm), but often much smaller in aquaria.
Origin:Colombia, Panama and Venezuela
Tank setup:Large tank (5ft/150cm plus) with plenty of open swimming space and some planted cover, possibly floating plants to give shade.
Compatibility:Predatory, ok with larger fish.
Temperature:22-25oC (72-77oF)
Water chemistry:Around neutral pH, soft to medium hard water.
Feeding:Carnivorous: meaty foods, worms etc - may prove difficult to wean onto 'dead' meaty foods.
Sexing:Males are generally smaller and slimmer with a larger anal fin, which has a frayed edge - the females smaller anal fin has a straight edge.
Breeding:Rare in aquaria. A temperature of around 27oC (80oF) and two males per female is recommended. A large number of eggs are laid which hatch in about a day.
Comments: These fish require very good water quality. They can be nervous, so take care to avoid startling them.




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