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Flameback Snakehead

Flameback Snakehead Flameback Snakehead
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Laos Flameback Snakehead, Laos Fireback Snakehead
Scientific name:Channa sp "Laos Flameback"
Origin:Southeast Asia: Laos, apparently collected near the Laos/Thailand border.
Size:Approx 20cm (8in).
Recommended tank size:120 x 38cm (48 x 15in).
Tank setup:Use bogwood/driftwood and/or branched wood. Plants can be added, floating plants are ideal.
Compatibility:Territorial with their own kind, it should be possible to keep a pair together in a spacious tank. Similar species are likely to be attacked. Smaller fish should be avoided as they are likely to be eaten or attacked.
Temperature:22-28oC (72-82oF)
Water chemistry:Not critical - pH around neutral, soft to fairly hard.
Feeding:Frozen meaty foods: bloodworm, whitebait, cockles, mussel and prawn. Will also take pellet foods.
Sexing:Males have a broader head region.
Breeding:In common with similar snakeheads, this species is likely to be a mouthbrooder with brood care from both parents.
Comments: This recently discovered species has not yet been assigned a scientific name.

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