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Dwarf gourami

Picture of Dwarf gouramies Picture of Dwarf gourami, male
Photos © Sean Evans

Left: Pair of Dwarf gouramies, with plainer silver female below a banded variety male.
Right: Male, 'blood red' variety

Common name:Dwarf gourami
Scientific name:Colisa lalia
Size:2" (5cm)
Tank setup:Planted tank with gentle circulation and some floating plants.
Compatibility:Normally peaceful, but may become territorial with other gouramies or similar fish.
Temperature:22-28oC (72-82oF)
Water chemistry:Good water quality required, soft to medium hard, pH 6.5-7.5
Feeding:Omnivorous, most foods accepted, include plenty of vegetable matter.
Sexing:Males are generally larger, and more colourful; females tend to be silvery.
Breeding:Bubble nest builder. Remove female after spawning. The male will guard the eggs and fry, and should be removed when they are free swimming.
Comments: Best kept in pairs in a peaceful, well planted aquarium. A variety of colour forms have been produced, including 'Blood red' (pictured), 'Neon blue', etc.
The captive-bred stock currently available seem quite prone to internal problems such as Dropsy. To minimise the chances of this, maintain excellent water quality and feed a varied diet.




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