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Notes on the "Lamprologus" genus name.

Many of the Tanganyikan cichlids originally described as Lamprologus have now been split into other groups such as Neolamprologus, Altolamprologus and Lepidiolamprologus.

A number of small Tanganyikan cichlids have been retained in the genus Lamprologus, but this is now considered only a temporary placement. It is now thought that there are no Lamprologus species in Lake Tanganyika, and that all true Lamprologus, such as Lamprologus congoensis, are riverine species.

The prescence of a particular bone structure in the lower jaw (which is cartilage in other cichlids) has been used as a major character to distinguish genera which belong to a group defined as the "ossified group". This includes the genera Altolamprologus, Lepidiolamprologus and Lamprologus.

The species currently assigned temporarily to Lamprologus include: brevis, callipterus, calliurus, caudopunctatus, finalimas, leloupi (not leleupi!), multifasciatus, ocellatus, ornatipinnis, similis, speciosus, stappersi (meleagris) and wauthioni.


Main reference: Konings, A. Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat. Cichlid Press 1998


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