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Western Rainbowfish

Picture of Western Rainbowfish
photo © Sean Evans

Common name:Western Rainbowfish, Australian Rainbowfish / Rainbow
Scientific name:Melanotaenia australis
Synonyms:Melanotaenia splendida australis
Size:4" (10cm)
Origin:North-western Australia.
Tank setup:Peaceful planted tank with gentle water movement.
Compatibility:Community fish.
Temperature:22-28oC (72-82oF)
Water chemistry:Not critical: fairly soft to medium hard, pH around neutral (6.4-7.8).
Feeding:An omnivore that eats mainly insects and aquatic larvae and crustaceans in the wild. Will take most aquarium foods, which should include some live or frozen foods for variety.
Sexing:Males show more colour, and have longer dorsal fins. They are also larger and deeper-bodied.
Breeding:Like other rainbows, this species will spawn over fine plants. Eggs hatch in about a week.
Comments: This fish was originally known as one of several subspecies of Melanotaenia splendida, but is now considered a distinct species. Colouration is variable in different populations.




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