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Serpae tetra

Picture of Serpae Tetra

Photo taken at Wharf Aquatics
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Serpae tetra, Blood tetra
Scientific name:Hyphessobrycon eques
Synonyms:Hyphessobrycon serpae, Hyphessobrycon callistus
Size:2" (5cm)
Origin:South America (Central Amazon)
Tank setup:Planted tank.
Compatibility:Community, but does have a justified reputation as a fin-nipper. This tendency is reduced when kept in a shoal (much like Tiger barbs). Avoid mixing with vulnerable long-finned fish such as male Guppies.
Temperature:22-26oC (72-79oF)
Water chemistry:Around neutral pH (6.5-7.5). soft to medium hard.
Feeding:Omnivorous: small live, frozen and dry foods.
Sexing:Males are smaller and slimmer.
Breeding:Use a small breeding tank with fine-leaved plants. Eggs will be scattered among the plants. The fry will hatch in around 24-30 hours.
Comments: This is one of a complex of species sometimes known as "Blood Tetras" or "Blood Characins".




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