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Large-Scaled Archerfish

Picture of Archerfish, Toxotes chatereus Picture of Archerfish, Toxotes chatereus
Photos © Sean Evans

Common name:Archerfish, Large-Scaled Archerfish
Scientific name:Toxotes chatareus
Size:Up to 16" (40cm), but usually somewhat smaller.
Origin:India and Southeast Asia to Australia.
Tank setup:Larger aquarium, with plants or roots going down into or out from the water. Ideally, use a deep tank part-filled, with a tight-fitting lid, to provide a space above the water where insects can be introduced.
Compatibility:Fairly peaceful with similar sized fish.
Temperature:25-30oC (77-86oF)
Water chemistry:Fairly hard, neutral to alkaline (pH 7.0-8.5). Often sold in freshwater when young, but they should be transferred to brackish water (around 1.005 - 1.010 sg) for their long term health.
Feeding:Carnivorous: an inectivore which feeds from the surface. Most aquarium foods eaten, include a variety of frozen/live foods.
Breeding:Captive breeding of Archerfish is rare. Spawning takes place near the surface and a large number of floating eggs are laid.
Comments: The archerfish are known for their ability to shoot down insects with a jet of water. They can be aggressive with their own kind, so it is advisable to keep either a single specimen, or a small group of similar sized individuals, to spread out any aggression.
This species may be confused with other similar archerfish such as Toxotes jaculatrix (Common/Banded Archerfish), Toxotes microlepis (Small-scaled Archerfish) and Toxotes oligolepis (Western Archerfish). It can be differentiated from the common Archer (T. jaculatrix) by the presence of five dorsal spines (as opposed to four).




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