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Beginner Tips

Buying and adding fish

  • Check the requirements and compatibility of the fish you intend to buy in advance, and ask the staff of the aquarium store questions where necessary.

  • Never buy fish from a tank where any dead or dying fish are visible.

  • Observe fish carefully before buying. Avoid any with damaged fins or gills.

  • When adding fish to the tank, allow the bag to float in the tank for at least 15 minutes to equalise temperature.

  • Add only a few fish initially - otherwise they will suffer serious effects of "New Tank Syndrome" due to Cycling.

  • Feed lightly, this will help to minimise pollution during the unstable period as the tank 'matures'. Overfeeding is one of the most common mistakes made by beginners to the hobby. Add food in small amounts and watch while the fish eat it. Then add a little more and so on, stopping as soon as the fish lose interest or have consumed a reasonable amount.

  • Consider setting up a quarantine tank for new stock.


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