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Beginner Tips

Positioning the aquarium tank

  • The aquarium should be placed on a sturdy piece of furniture, preferably designed for an aquarium tank. Large volumes of water are very heavy. Water weighs 1kg (2.2 pounds) per liter. A tank measuring 36x12x18" and holding approx. 110 liters would therefore weigh 110kg (242lbs) plus the weight of the tank itself, lid and decor.

  • Avoid placing the tank where it will receive direct sunlight, this will almost certainly encourage excessive algae growth.

  • Avoid placing the tank where it will be difficult to maintain the correct stable temperature, e.g. near radiators or draughts from windows and doors.

  • Try to avoid locations where the tank will be disturbed excessively by passers-by, opening doors, etc.


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