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My Aquarium Setups

Tank 1: 300gal Catfish Tank

Picture of Catfish tank

This is my largest tank and has been devoted to my
Leiarius pictus catfish and Oxydoras niger catfish.

Tank Size (LxWxH) 8'4" x 3' x 2' (254x92x61cm)
Volume Nominal: 296 imp gallons/356 US gallons/1344 litres
(+ 32 imp gal sump filter running volume)
Filtration Sump filter below tank - 42 x 24 x 18" (107 x 61 x 46cm),
powered by twin Eheim 1262 pumps (max 3400 LPH each).
Contains 3 layer foam for initial straining, biorings, fine filter pad and Alfagrog ceramic media for main biofiltration.
Heating Heated room
Lighting Low - fluorescent room lighting only.
Substrate Thin layer of aquarium sand.
Decor Large beech branch, bogwood, large smooth rock.
Background 3-D effect artificial background.
Water parameters Temp=26oC ; pH=7.0-7.2 ; GH=3 ; KH=2
30% water change every week.
Fish stock Leiarius pictus (Marbled Sailfin Catfish), 28",
Oxydoras niger (Black dorad, Ripsaw cat), 28"

L. pictus, 4 inchesL. pictus, 12 inchesL. pictus, 18 inchesOxydoras niger
Picture of Picture of Leiarius pictus, at about 4 inches Picture of Leiarius pictus, at about 12 inches Picture of Leiarius pictus, at about 18 inches Picture of Oxydoras niger
Click on image for larger picture (press BACK to return)

This huge tank has a large sump with a total capacity of about 56 UK gallons (254 litres).

The tank has two large weirs, one in each back corner, which have been constructed from a single pane of glass at a 45 degree angle to give a smooth angled corner shape, rather than a square weir tower - which means there are no 'sharp angles' in the tank that the catfish could scrape themselves on. The Leiarius pictus had demonstrated a habit of messing with filter pipes, etc in the past - hence a sump filter seemed like the best idea for several reasons!

The actual output of the pumps at the head height will be lower, about 2500 LPH, which is still enough to turn the tank volume over more than 3 times per hour. The system is plumbed together with marine-grade PVC pipework, with valves in the return lines to control flow if required.

I have had both of these catfish since they were only 3-4" (7.5-10cm) in length, which seems hard to imagine now that they are both about 28" (70cm) long!


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