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Tank 13: Hoplias malabaricus Wolf Fish tank

Hoplias malabaricus Wolf Fish tank

This tank houses a Hoplias malabaricus Wolf Fish, a highly aggressive predatory fish - hence she is kept alone!

Tank Size Approx 42x20x14" (105x50x35cm) (LxWxH)
Volume Nominal: 35 imp gallons/42 US gallons/158 litres
Filtration Built-in internal filter box, powered by Hagen Pro3 powerhead. There are triple pre-filtration sponges (course, medium, fine), and the main biomedia is highly porous Alfagrog rock.
Heating Heated room
Lighting Low - fluorescent room lighting only.
Substrate Thin layer of aquarium sand
Decor Bogwood and artificial plant.
Background 3-D effect artificial background
Water parameters Temp=26oC ; pH=6.8-7.0 ; GH=3 ; KH=2
30% water change every week.
Fish stock Wolf fish (Hoplias malabaricus), female, currently 16"/40cm.
Feeding Whitebait, Prawns, Mussel, Earthworms.

Wolf fishWolf fish (close-up!)
Picture of Hoplias malabaricus Wolf fish Picture of Hoplias malabaricus Wolf fish, close-up!

This is one of six tanks that I have with built-in internal filtration units. I specified the design for these and had them built into the tank at the time of manufacture. They are efficient and very low maintenance. They are also separated from the main tank, so large fish cannot interfere with the filter in any way, and there is space to put a heater in the initial filter chamber too.
The tank itself is wide (front-to-back), but not very high - ideal for raising mainly bottom-dwelling predators which need plenty of floor space, but in some cases need to be able to reach the surface easily to gulp air.



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