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Tank 12: 45 gal Polypterus tank

Picture of Polypterus retropinnis

This tank houses Polypterus (bichirs).

Tank Size (LxWxH) 36x24x15" (92x61x38cm)
Volume Nominal: 45 imp gallons/54 US gallons/205 litres
Filtration Built-in internal filter compartment, powered by Eheim 1048 pump.
Heating Heated room, with 100W back-up heater in last chamber of filter compartment.
Lighting Low - fluorescent room lighting only.
Substrate Thin layer of aquarium sand.
Decor Bogwood, artificial plants.
Background 3-D effect artificial background.
Water parameters Temp=26oC ; pH=7.0-7.2 ; GH=4 ; KH=3
30% water change every week.
Stock 4 Polypterus retropinnis (approx 8")
(The species originally known as P. retropinnis in the hobby is now designated P. mokelembembe. These true P. retropinnis are the species originally known in the hobby as P. sp. "Congo" or Zaire Green bichir).


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