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Planted Southeast Asian community tank

Picture of southeast Asian community tank

This setup was a planted tank setup using plants and community fish from Southeast Asia - this type of setup is best referred to as a "themed" setup rather than an attempt at a real biotope. I did a few different versions of this setup, the longest one running for about 4 years. Apart from the plants, the main decor was bogwood. In the setup above, the background was Cornish slate attached to the back glass. The substrate was a sand/nutrient substrate mix, topped with a layer of fine quartz lime-free gravel. Filtration was provided by an external canister filter and an internal power filter. Lighting was provided by 3 x 40W T8 fluorescent tubes, one on for 12 hours, the other two for 10 hours - to give a less-bright dawn/dusk effect for the first and last hour.

Approx 25% water changes were performed weekly to keep the water quality high.

The fish included four different species of loaches, several barb species, rasboras, gouramies, 'sharks' and siamese algae eaters - not all at the same time! The plants included Vallisneria, Limnophila, Hygrophila, Cryptocoryne's for the front, and floating Indian Fern.



Tank 1
(Leiarius pictus)
Tank 2
(Siamese Tigers)
Tank 3
Tank 4
Tank 5
(Wolf Cichlid)
Tank 6
Tank 7
Tank 8
Tank 9
Tank 10
Tank 11
Tank 12
Tank 13
(Wolf Fish)
Tank 14
(Planted Tank)
Tank 15
(W. African)
Tank 16
Tank 17
Tank 18
(Wolf Fish)
Tank 19
Tank 20
(Nano Reef)
Tank 21
Tank 22-26
Tank 27
(Nano Planted)
Fish House
(Setting up)
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