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Tank 8: 60gal Freshwater puffer tank

Close-up picture of Bailey's puffer - Tetraodon baileyi

This tank is divided into three to house 3 different species of freshwater puffer.

Tank Size (LxWxH) 72x18x15" (183x46x38cm)
Volume 60 imp gallons/72 US gallons/272 litres
Filtration Eheim Pro-II 2026 external canister.
Heating Heated room.
Lighting 1 x 38W Interpet Beauty tube.
Substrate Thin layer of aquarium sand.
Decor Bogwood, live plants - mainly Vallis, Cryptocoryne and Java Fern on bogwood.
Background 3-D effect rock/root picture background.
Water parameters Temp=26oC ; pH=6.8-7.2 ; GH=4 ; KH=3
50% water change every week.
Fish stock Left compartment: Tetraodon barbatus (Thai puffer)
Center compartment: Tetraodon baileyi (Bailey's puffer), male.
Right compartment: Pair of Carinotetraodon salivator (Zebra/Striped red-eye puffers)
A Bristlenose catfish (Ancistrus sp.) is also kept in each compartment as an algae eater. None of the puffers has shown any aggression towards these catfish.

Bailey's pufferThai PufferZebra red-eye puffer,
Picture of Bailey's puffer Picture of Thai Puffer Picture of Striped red-eye puffer, female

The removeable partitions in this tank are made from drilled plastic, so the whole tank shares one larger volume (which is therefore more stable), but species can be kept separate to avoid any compatibility problems. The external filter draws water from one side and returns it at the other, to make sure there is a flow of water through the partitions.


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